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It's in your eyes. Using gaze-contingent stimuli to create truly interactive paradigms for social cognitive and affective neuroscience
M. Wilms, L. Schilbach, U. Pfeiffer, G. Bente, G.R. Fink, K. Vogeley
  Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience (online 2010-03-11)
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Comparison of functional and cytoarchitectonic maps of human visual areas V1, V2, V3d, V3v, and V4(v)
M. Wilms, S.B. Eickhoff, L. Hömke, C. Rottschy, M. Kujovic, K. Amunts, G.R. Fink
  NeuroImage (2010), 49(2):1171-1179, online 10/2009
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Minds made for sharing: Initiating joint attention recruits reward-related neurocircuitry
L. Schilbach, M. Wilms, S. Eickhoff, S. Romanzetti, R. Tepest, G. Bente, N.J. Shah, G.R. Fink, K.Vogeley
  Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience (in press)
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Cognitive subtypes of dyslexia
S. Heim, J. Tschierse, K. Amunts, M. Wilms, S. Vossel, K. Willmes, A. Grabowska, W. Huber
  Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis (2008), 68:73-82
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Ageing-related changes of source memory associated neural activity
J. Kukolja, C. Thiel, M. Wilms, S. Mirzazade, G.R. Fink
  Neurobiology of Aging (2009), 30(4):630-645, online 10/2007
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Cytoarchitectonic analysis of the human extrastriate cortex in the region of V5/MT+: a probabilistic, stereotaxic map of area hOc5
A. Malikovic, K. Amunts, A. Schleicher, H. Mohlberg, S.B. Eickhoff, M. Wilms, N. Palomero-Gallagher, E. Armstrong, K. Zilles
  Cerebral Cortex (2007), 17(5):562-574
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Visual resolution with retinal implants estimated from recordings in cat visual cortex
R. Eckhorn, M. Wilms, T. Schanze, M. Eger, L. Hesse, U.T. Eysel, Z.F. Kisvárday, E. Zrenner, F. Gekeler, H. Schwahn, K. Shinoda, H. Sachs, P. Walter
  Vision Research (2006), 46(17):2675-2690
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Head motion during overt language production in fMRI
S. Heim, K. Amunts, H. Mohlberg, M. Wilms, A.D. Friederici
  NeuroReport (2006), 17(6):579-582
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Human V5/MT+: comparison of functional and cytoarchitectonic data
M. Wilms, S.B. Eickhoff, K. Specht, K. Amunts, N.J. Shah, A. Malikovic, G.R. Fink
  Anatomy & Embryology (2005), 210(5-6):485-495
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Spatiotemporal receptive field properties of epiretinally recorded spikes and local electroretinograms in cats
M. Wilms, R. Eckhorn
  BMC Neuroscience (2005), 6:50
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Subretinal implantation and testing of polyimide film electrodes in cats
H. Sachs, T. Schanze, M. Wilms, A. Rentzos, U. Brunner, F. Gekeler, L. Hesse
  Graefe's Arch. Clin. Exp. Ophthalmol. (2005), 243(5):464-468
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Retino-cortical information transmission achievable with a retina implant
M. Eger, M. Wilms, R. Eckhorn, T. Schanze, L. Hesse
  Biosystems (2005), 79(1-3):133-142
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Visual resolution with epi-retinal electrical stimulation estimated from activation profiles in cat visual cortex
M. Wilms, M. Eger, T. Schanze, R. Eckhorn
  Visual Neuroscience (2003), 20(5):543-555
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Activation zones in cat visual cortex evoked by electrical retina stimulation
T. Schanze, M. Wilms, M. Eger, L. Hesse, R. Eckhorn
  Graefe's Arch. Clin. Exp. Ophthalmol. (2002), 240:947-954
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Electrical receptive fields and cortical activation spread in response to electrical retina stimulation. Assessment of spatio-temporal resolution for a retina implant.
M. Wilms
  PhD Thesis, Philipps University Marburg, Germany (2001)
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Physiologische Funktionsprüfungen von Retinaimplantaten an Tiermodellen
R. Eckhorn, A. Stett, T. Schanze, F. Gekeler, H. Schwahn, E. Zrenner, M. Wilms, M. Eger, L. Hesse
  Der Ophthalmologe (2001), 98:369-375
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Implantation of retina stimulation electrodes and recording of electrical stimulation responses in the visual cortex of the cat
L. Hesse, T. Schanze, M. Wilms, M. Eger
  Graefe's Arch. Clin. Exp. Ophthalmol (2000), 238:840-845
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Physikalische Eigenschaften der Einzelphotonantworten der Ventralnervphotorezeptorzelle des Limulus polyphemus
M. Wilms
  Diploma Thesis, RWTH Aachen (1996)
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